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Intermodal Transportation


AYSA SHIPPING & LOGISTICS is able to move and transport heavyweight and out of gauge loads from loading point and deliver to destination with detailed planning, road survey, correct documentation, and with utmost attention/with Professional  team.


Ayse Shipping,, having served the oil&gas movements for many years,  has gained experience in planning of all movements by  every detail in serious piece of work on transportation and realized many movements in bulk and out of gauge cargo. Matters most important when moving OOG and project cargo ;
-road and route trail work,
-routing examination,
-proper vehicle supply,
-loading operations management,
- Cargo consolidation and securing, lashing, and dunnaging in Professional manners (with certification)
- necessary documentation,
- Handling and insurance activities,
- Customs and border crossings
Such matters are being prepared in the most detailed manner and according to the road conditions and the cargo is moved to the safest and fastest delivery.

With heavy transport equipment park in Mersin, Project cargo of any size and volume  is transported from any point of loading transportations are executed meticulously with a healthy way to reach the  final destination  required.


Ayse Shipping, has moved various project cargo from point to point with their partners all over the world in transporting all kinds of combinations (land + sea, sea + land, air, air) through a position to provide services in any mode of transport. Different countries and all kinds of heavy tonnage with Aysa Shipping experience in different geographies, canbe brought to you you with the most convenient transportation and delivery options for your large-sized cargo, with the best offers.