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Air Transportation

Aysa Shipping, can serve your air cargo of all kinds and all sizes and is the fastest way to reach the destinations to be delivered. Ayse Shipping with widespread agency network in the world, has experience in air cargo transport to respond to your every need.
Serving from the main airports in each country, with necessary planning, transit time and the necessary documents, delivery of all types of air cargo  can be made by providing the desired point of delivery.With  Aysa Shipping, the distance for your air cargo is shortened with wide agency network can provide customers with a wide variety of air transport optionas and air cargo service with the fastest and most convenient service.
In addition to worldwide destinations , air cargo and customs clearance services at Erbil, and Sulaymaniyah airports in Iraq are provided with own offices and personnel. Air cargo services of all kinds in other areas inside Iraq, delivery cargo air transport services, welcoming services can be provided.

Our Services:

  • Airport and door delivery import and export shipments 
  • Cargo shipments out of gauge
  • Charter service
  • Precious cargo escort service
  • Multi-modal transportation
  • Consolidated transportation
  • Transhipment Transportation