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AYSA SHIPPING has global partnership and memberships :

AA) GLA – GLOBAL LOGISTICS ASSOCIATES – one of the oldest network of NVOCC agents spread all over the World with more then 150 offices and covering 60 different offices that can be linked to each other for better and more competitive service on all logistics and transport requirements.

with offices that are acting and working together as partners, with the best of reachability and capability can add value to services .

With GLA , Aysa Shipping covers all transports with owned BILL OF LADINGS with global liability coverage and insurance.

BB) PCN – PROJECT CARGO NETWORK – The largest and most spread Project cargo movers acting and working together. Aysa Shipping and Logistics is an active member of this network presenting all abilities and capabilities of moving OOG , Bulky, and heavyweight cargo for clients all over the World.

Aysa Shipping can move all types of cargo with detailed planning and road study. All transports are executed with assistance of partners spread all over the globe and also with past experience and forces combined. With capabilities of moving cargo through borders Aysa Shipping has become a well known brand when movements of OOG cargo is concerned. Aysa Shipping represents Iraq in this platform with all past experience in oilfiled logistics and delivery to remote destinations in Iraq hinterlands.