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Road Transportation

AYSA SHIPPING & LOGISTICS  with owned fleet and leased equipment can assist and serve clients with all types of full-truck, LTL-truck, reefer-truck, and OOG shipments by road. With planned service and procurement, safe border passes, correct documentation AYSA SHIPPING can serve clients on alternative transports by road for any size cargo. All types of commercial cargo to be transported through borders is handled by Aysa with carefull follow-up and  information flow. Planning and serving for any type of cargo with trucks is handled by Aysa and partners within the requirements and necessities of trade and correct documentation.
Direct trucking from European destinations into Middle East destinations is served by Aysa and delivered at ease, since Aysa has offices in Erbil, Iraq and can control inland transport with own personnel, and in country control. Also transports to and from the Gulf countries (UAE , Saudi Arabia) can be performed with support of correct documentation and procurement to any destination within Iraq or other countries.
Aysa can perform transport with variations like road+sea, sea+road to meet the client demands and act elasticly in order to reach and serve on all logistics requirements by road.