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Aysa Shipping has been working with Iraq and has been practising transports into the region since the very beginning. Being positioned on the gateway and a hub to all transit cargo into Iraq Aysa has experienced a wide variety of deliveries into the region and extensivle being involved in transports into Iraq. As the oil & gas industry gained importance and international companies have moved in to the region for exploration of oil&gas and Aysa Shipping has been serving major companeis since they initiated working in Northern Iraq. Moving all types, dimensions and sizes of cargo to areas of exploration and rigging , Aysa Shipping has gained a lot of experience in deliverign cargo at any sizes to the rough terrain and hinterland if Iraq for these multinational companies.
As the pace of work got congested and many other companies have moved into the region – the competition and rivalry has made it necessary to exist in the region and be registered at the local goverment. With experience in oil&gas logistics Aysa Shiping is registered at the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) and is evaluated as preffered vendor amongst major oil & gas companies. Aysa Shipping with abilities has been able to serve major oil&gas companies and is still serving them on all logistics aspects and procurement. With owned office in Erbil and with 24 hour contact possibilties Aysa Shipping is always at your reach and service.
Serving to all types of movements, Aysa Shipping is able to handle air cargo at Erbil and Sulaymaniah airports with own staff – procurement and customs clearance and delivery to locations as well. With Global offices in contact Aysa Shipping has moved and is still moving cargo from various destinations in the globe at different shipment modes and deliver them to clients in Iraq with multimodal shipments , customs assistance, border procurement and client satisfaction.
When it is cargo to move into Iraq and move out of Iraq – you are invited to use Aysa Shipping flexibility and experience – with information flow, planning, correct documentation and guidance in all types of movements through borders.

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