Online Yük Takibi

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Sea Transportation

Aysa Shipping and Logistics can present a wide range of options on sea transportation being connected to the world’s largest nvocc network gla.

For full and LCL containers, Aysa Shipping and Logistics service includes whole Europe, northern and southern America, Africa and full Far East destinations which enable us to provide competitive prices with quickest transportation for our customers.

Having partnerships with the world’s biggest ship-owners and shipping agencies, Aysa Shipping and Logistics, is able to transport any kind of break-bulk cargo, cement, flour, metals and Project cargo.

Aysa Shipping and Logistics can provide full shipping agency services AT Turkey’s every port.

Our Services:

  • Door-to-door Container Services * FCL
  • Europe + Far East Consolidated Import Transportation LCL
  • Project Transportation
  • Multi-modal transportation
  • Customs Service
  • Container Warehousing Service
  • Insurance Services
  • Domestic Container Transportation Service